i believe in courage but i do not believe in cowardice. the very word makes me angry, no wait it makes me want to weep.

for a start a cow is smart and being afraid and being like a cow is not at all a bad thing.

courage is an exception. fear is the rule, and doubt and unknowing and running away and hiding and being sad and sitting alone in a corner, under a blanket saying, go away, leave me alone; harms no one.

do not aspire to courage simply allow yourself to be as you are.

there is nothing to conquer least of all fear (or doubt) no need to overcome.

satre well he's a fine one to talk, lacking the courage to abandon his big daddy stalin.

it is almost always fascists that call for courage.

it does not take courage to call another a coward what takes courage is compassion and commitmenr to ethics.

what takes courage is to leap to be nothing to be prepared to disappear without leaving a trace.