i worked with someone on their dreams today. they were like, oh i didn't know you do dreamwork! in the humble way which is my wont i said, i do everything — which is a slight exaggeration but i've been doing dreamwork with my-so-called-self and others since the early eighties.

she doesn't remember this but in 1985 the tasmanian shaman and i went to see anne faraday who was visiting from the uk and staying at a hobart hotel. she was very tired and complained a lot about australia. she had a husband who tried to convince us he was enlightened. i think he was looking for disciples. the tasmanian shaman saw straight through him. i asked him if a dog has a buddha nature or not and he didn't know the answer so i just concluded he was a dick.

the dreams of the person i worked with today were fascinating rich narratives full of the beautiful nuanced messages the unconscious sends us every night, with love yes with love. there were some classic symbols, they discovered a hidden portal to a deep cavernous space under the house where there are ghosts — other symbols were completely unique and wildly imaginative. little wonder the surrealists were so obsessed with dreams.

that dreams are full of meaning is undeniable and although only the dreamer can work out what they mean, it can be helpful to have a sparring partner.